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Chemical products fell more than rose less polyurethane raw materials keep rising
Read: 3583 Publish: 2012/5/21 9:20:19

   Chemicals segment last week, the overall decrease of 1.13 percent, but stronger than the market.From the plate last week of the basic chemical trend among the biggest gainers of the viscose (2.27%), other plastic products (1.98%), spandex (1.82%), ranking the plate inorganic salts (-5.47%),phosphate (-4.53%), potash (-4.43%); from the sort of view of chemical listed companies of price, or before 3 victory shares (18.52%), ST Yellow Sea (12.50%), construction of new shares (11.73%); among the top decliners: China Fiberglass (-9.84%), Huaneng Power (-8.13%), blue too Industries (-7.22%).
    Prices of chemical products: down up less, polyurethane raw materials to keep up. 153 kinds of chemical products last week, price changes, tracking from our point of view, rising only 14, down 75 kinds, unchanged for 64 kinds, the overall down more than up less; among the biggest gainers of the NYMEX natural gas - Futures (9.13%), melamine - Zhongyuan Dahua (4.65%), ammonium chloride (agricultural wetlands) - Shijiazhuang associated alkali (4.35%); sales of butadiene - Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical (-11.63%), titanium fine mine - Sichuan Panzhihua Iron and Steel (-10.00%), ethylene - Southeast Asia CFR (-9.19%); represent the product of a price trend, among the biggest gainers of the NYMEX natural gas - Futures (25.35%), hydrochloric acid (31 %) - East (22.73%), urea - Baltic Sea (pellets in bulk) (17.78%); from a trend point of view, the foreign price of urea to maintain the upward trend, but the gains narrowed the polyurethane raw materials keep rising, which TDI, methyl ethyl ketone monthly cumulative gains more than 5%.

    The dynamics of chemical sub-sectors: 1) Petroleum and Chemical: Crude oil continued to fall; 2) chlor-alkali: soda ash fell, caustic soda prices; 3) fertilizer & Phosphorus Chemical Industry: domestic and international urea remain high, foreign phosphate rising; 4) pesticides: glyphosate price rose slightly; 5) Chemical Fiber: Polyester fell slightly flat overall; 6) polyurethane: MDI, TDI, continue to rise; 7) coal chemical industry: coal tar prices, carbon black prices have remained; 8) fluorine Chemical: refrigerant R134a is still in the doldrums.

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